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Saturday, October 22, 2016

SRMCDO English Class

To provide and improve the skills for the society, SRMCDO participated through the vocational training program. The adolescents get additional skills either computers or English training. These skills are important to help the students to find better jobs and improving their quality.

Welcome to SRMCDO's English Class Oct-Dec 2016.

Vocational Training (English and Computer) Opening !!

English teaching at our library
SRMCDO open registration for the English and Computer Training for Oct-Dec 2016  Term. There are about 93 students  registered for English Training. The simple reading and oral test conducted for the placement test.

The classes are arranged and taught by SRMCDO's sponsored students who study English at ACE (Australian Centre for Education) Mr. Zaky Abdulsomad, Ms. Heang Sokma, Mr. Zaki Yusouf, Ms. Khoyrunnisa, Ms. El Khory, Mr. Pheak Fij Kry and Ms. Les Afiny. They are voluntarily transfer their English knowledge and skills to the poor students who want to learn English at SRMCDO vocational program.  The English training period start from October until December 2016. Each level will take about 1 hour session start from monday to Thursday at 5:00pm to 9:00pm.
Young students need to be encouraged in Education
Let's Joint SRMCDO's Vocational Training
Dear Youths, Kids and Adults.. If you have plenty of free time and want to kill the time by something useful.. visit and joint SRMCDO's vocational training for free! Everybody are welcome, let's come for better knowledge. All who hungry to gain new knowledge and skill are welcome.

ENGLISH Training
SRMCDO has implemented the English course for  small children and adults in the purpose of  providing them a better knowledge and improve their English communication skills such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. Our goal in conducting this English training is to provide them good English skills, so they may continue their study in university or having sufficient English skills to apply good job. Some potential and dilligent students already transferred to get better study with ACE, eventually they will share the knowledge to educate our poor young community, the future generation of Cambodia.

Vocational Training for Khmer students

Vocational Training to improve Khmer students skills and qualification... 
To promote good education among the Khmer students, SRMCDO has sent 15 Muslim students to study English at ACE. This English knowledge is very useful for the students to improve their skills and to be more competitive in finding the jobs. This program supported by some generous people from Malaysia, Singapore and Belgium. In addition, there are a about 85 students who have jointed the free English lessons and basic computer skills at SRMCDO. This vocational training is partnership with the Muslim Aid organization for the program in 2010. Continous support are needed for SRMCDO to improve good education to Khmer Students, any inquiry about how you can help can be addressed to the following email: srcmdo@gmail.com.

COMPUTER Training:
This training taught voluntarily by SRMCDO's students who already got wide knowledge and training in their fields. SRMCDO's understand that the use of technology if very important skills for the students. To answer this challenges SRMCDOS has computer training program for free to any students, unemployment, or anyone who interested to get knowledge in computer. The training package include, introduction of computers, Microsoft office, emailing, internet and browsing. 

As well as making blog for their business or activities. SRMCDO will evaluate and observe the student's skills for the English and Computer. In the case SRMCDO find some excellent students that have potential to get promotion to continue their study at ACE course, college or university then  SRMCDO will arrange to get sponsor for them. Through this way, SRMCDO will be able to improve the students' knowledge for their better future.  SRMCDO welcoming all the new vocational students.. and enjoy your education. Wassalam.

We hope the same for the potential and well educated students to promote them to be the teachers/trainer with our SRMCDO's vocational training in the future. So, by having more volunteer trainer it will create more students to attend the training. Eventually can improve their computer skills. If you want to know more about how you may participate to our vocational training, kindly send us email to : 

info@siemreapmuslim.org or visit us @ https://siemreapmuslim.org
Thank you for visiting our blog. Wassalam.

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